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Right then!  Son and I have begun the rewatch. [personal profile] further is with us, I hope. So far we've been through season one. So, what's the word?

Spoilers like whoa below!

Son says that the characters are getting their powers depending on their personality. I think he's right.

Alicia wants to be seen, wants to be wanted; whenever someone touches her they get crazy with lust.

Simon -poor sod- also also wants to be seen. He feels invisible, no one has ever noticed him. His power is to turn invisible. He can se them but they can't see him. And what he sees, he can use agaisnt them. Good? Bad? Depends on from where you're watching.

Curtis's situation is pure Sofokles. He tries to change destiny but what happens? Complete and utter fail. No matter what he does, it always ends up the same or worse.

Kelly wants to know what people actually think about her, and thus she gained the power to read other people's minds. Does that gain her any favours? Yes and no. She gets to know what peole think about her but more often than not the truth hurts. She does have a killer headbutt though.

Nathan thinks he is God's gift to mankind and feels immortal. Due to this, he becomes immortal when the storm hit, although he doesn't find out until he actually dies and wakes up in a coffin. I miss Nathan. The  series sort of died when he left.

The message of this tale? Well it could be that whatever you do, whatever you try, you'll always end up where you began. Sofokles, right! You cannot escape destiny. Aside from that; it's an awesome tale. It's brutal and raw, in a way that no HW-show has it.  Think Sofokles! Destiny! Fate!!

Simon and the probation-worker; it's such a sad tale of loneliness. Simon wants to have 'someone' and he thinks he's gotten someone. When it turns out aht he's been used, the ugly truth that Simon is s right psychopath shows. Why is he having tea with his dead p-worker, with her propped up in the freezer? Right!

There is much to analyse here, son and I have only scratched the surface. As Kelly says; Come on you wankers!!  Let's have it!!!

Son says FML!!!!! He can't stand my misspellings :) He's also gotten all ethymological on me. The word community; it's derived from common and unity he claims. The thought is very much logic, we haven't checked it, but if you do; please let us know if he's right.
He has also cracked the mystery of why people spell like to god-forbid on the net. It's because they lack rhythm and pacing in the key-pressing or that they have malshaped/misformed keyboards.

As it is; I'll say FML as well. We're getting on to season two tomorow. Discussions are encouraged and looked forward to.

Nighty night, everybody.

Save me, Barry!

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Vampire Diaries are back. I'm lost. There is the eyecandy to enjoy but damn if I like the series as it is now. No further comments.

I watched The Three Musqueteers last night. The Orlando Bloom version. I like Orlando Bloom. I hate the film. It was...I'm honestly speechless so I'll just give it a resounding NO! I bet it was great fun to make it, what with the airships and all, but Dumas himself is probably not only turning in his grave but spinning like a weathercock in a November storm after what they did to his book.

Not even Orlando fucking Bloom! could rescue this piece of cinematography. He looked good in purple though.

Son and I managed to catch an episode of Spartacus last weekend. I remember us trying to watch the pilot and giving up quite fast. We stuck through the entire episode this time. Son was beetroot red all the way through, he couldn't handle the nudity.  Personally I can't stomach the slo-mo, and the extra slow slo-mo. It still sucks and we're giving it two thumbs down.

Hell on Wheels on the other hand, turned out to be good. I'm a sucker for the Wild West and lot.

It's time to watch Supernatural now. I'm counting on it to be great. You know, it really is the best TV-show!
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So. I got me a new icon. Hoodie!Simon! [ profile] nrrrdy_grrrl , thank you so much! Now I have something proper to put up whenever I feel the need to write "Save me, Barry!"

Looks like all my shows are done for the year.

Supernatural went out with a bang and daughter cried when she realised what was going on. I still think the angel/leviathan/ûbermysterious arc is a bit silly but man! do I still enoy it. I'm going to miss Bobby though. Unless of course, they have him bounce back. Wouldn't surprise me, really, if they do.

Vampire Diaries. Njaaa. I understand they had to wrap it up before the hols but they did so in a very clumsy way. It feels like they skipped an episode or two. And I really don't like Wuss!Damon. Whre's my badass? I'm going to rewatch the earlier episode for my fix.

I've watched both Glee and Once Upon a Time with daughter. Glee has lost it. OUaT is outright bad. I've tried to find something redeeming about it but I can't. Sorry. Daughter loves them though so I sit there on the couch with her.

Grimm is also a so/so. Better than OUaT though. If you don't count the episode about the hexenbees. That one was so bad I'm lacking words.

American Horror Story turned out to be very confusing but also very good. Creepy. I do wonder if this was all of it, 12 episodes, or if they are planning something else after New Year's. Jessica Lange is amazing.

Last but not least: Misfits. This season has lacked the edge from the two first ones. I really, really dislike the new guy. But, thank goodness, there is always Kelly. I still can't understand her but that doesn't matter. If there ever was a badass, that's Kelly. 
I guess they are up for season 4, what with the ending. Somin has it coming now. I do wonder if he's stuck in a loop of some kind.
Son and I have argued immensely over this season. He likes it all over. What we could agree on was Kelly. "Foocking nazis!". And also on our mutual dislike for the new guy. I think he's plain stupid. Son got embarrassed due to all the talk about shagging.

After New Year's: Game of Thrones. Yay! Looks like I have to wait until April though. Will be interesting to see if I still like it when Sean Bean is out. I bet I will. Swords, dragons, bloody fights, deceit,  monsters lurking in the cold...Yep, the prognosis for me liking it is good.

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Nathan is still not there. But, Misfits has picked itself up. I didn't like episode one, not one bit, and no. two was a so/so. Three and four though, those made me happy. Wanna know why?

Kelly is why. )

I guess this is one more in the row of confirmations of my shallowness. Give me the kabooms and I'm ever so happy. The new guy hasn't gotten much space and for that I'm so very thankful. At least we don't have to listen to his obession with asses.
Let's all pray to the TV gods that Misifits won't dive like Torchwood.

Best quote of the week. Supernatural. Head Honcho Leviathan:
"This is not how we communicate in a place of yes!"
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Sooo, Misfits is back on. I'm not happy.

Somewhat spoilery )
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Third time's the charm; November can't come soon enough. I want Misfits back. Even without Nathan.

I managed to get caught on the Fades. Decently creepy. Four more episodes to go. I think that'll be just enough.

Speaking of not so creepy but  instead confusing by the metric ton; Vampire Diares. It's good, I like it. But the sure has me scratching my head. I guess there will be a reason for the confuzzlement presented sooner or later but for now...gimme the Tylenols.

Supernatural then; people are gushing over it. Some are presenting resounding  'meh's ', some hate it. Flouncing seem to be the new black in fandom. (Yes! I learned a new word) At least one little viewer -that would be me- is wondering how far they can pull the biblical theme. Angels and leviathans.
I still love it. I still think it's one of the best TV series I've seen. I still think that the boys are drop dead gorgeous. I still think that they really should get back on the brother track and  narrow the scope a bit. I get Dan Brown-vibes sometimes. The bigger the better; why have a teeny little monster when you can have Earth shattering leviathans eating everything around? Leviathans...Seamonsters. Seamonsters are baby blue! The Big L's, they are charcoal gray. So there!
I'm still going to watch it and I will, most definitely, enjoy every minute of it.
What happened to Bobby?

Btw; Torchwood. Was that a cliffhanger I spotted at the end of the last episode? Is there another season planned with the Miracle Day leftover actors?

One last thing; I watch Glee.

Barry! Barry! Save me!

I lied. There is one thing I  feel is missing and that is Paul Bettany, brooding Paul Bettany, in a cloak and those boots...
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I'm on schedule now and I've managed to watch both the last epsiodes of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries. )

Supernatural )
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I had it planned so thoroughly but it failed anyway. I managed to see TVD, but not SPN.I had to wait until this morning for that. Next week I'm thinking about kicking family out and locking the doors.

Cut for spoilers. )
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Bloody finally!

I have both TVD and SPN waiting on my HD. My afternoon will be so brilliant.

Damon; there's a new edge to him this season. More feelings, perhaps, getting in touch with his humanity. He's doing Little Boy Lost so very well. I'm looking forward to see the interactions between him and Stefan. Who also has a new edge. I believe he has somewhat scrapped the moping and the sighing. Roles reversed?

I'm told there is a new, soft Dean showing this season. I cannot for the life of me imagine a Soft!Dean. A bit of a role reversal there too perhaps. Dean going mushy and Sam getting his Bad Boy on. My one hope is that there will less Crying!Dean though. There is so much epic man-pain one can handle before it gets tedious. Dean sure is pretty when he cries, but not all the time please. Less crying, more ass kicking!

I'll be back with the Yay! or Nay! later this afternoon.
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I want Saturday. Pronto! Rapido!

I just caught another preview of the Supernatural season premiere and dang! it looks good. Saturdays are from this week and forward the 'don't speak to me!' days. Vampire Diaries runs on Thursdays, means I get my grabby hands on the episodes Fridays. I'll save those, and haul in the SPN episodes on Saturdays. And then! It'll be me, the TV and the couch. A complete no-speaking zone.

Meanwhile; have some Volbeat. It's a Danish band. I'm probably, as per usual, the last to catch on. Caution is advised though. Do not, reapet do not!, drive while listening. I'm very happy there were no coppers on the way to work this morning concidering what I did to the speed limits. I'm easily affected.

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General TV series !Yay! And one !Nay!

Last episode of True Blood. They got the Swedish right. I didn't have to read the English subtexts to undertand them. Well done. (This is the nay if you wonder)

The Vampire Diaries are up and running again. Major entertainment to be had the coming weekends. TVD on Thursdays and Supernatural on Fridays. That makes it two stellar shows for me to watch on Saturdays.

Channel 9 here is for now showing CSI Miami every weeknight. Big H is never wrong. Kids and I are chasing one liners. So far there is a tie between - wait for it - Dean and Sam Winchester in the season 5 epsiode  Changing Channels.

'I say; jackpot!'                            Sam
'I say,  no guts, no glory!'          Dean

Come on, Horatio! Bring it.

'Five minutes ago, it was the safest job ever. Now it's turned into a bad day in Bosnia.'
Not from a TV series. A shiny goldstar to anyone who can tell which film the quote is from.


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