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So, M.R James wrote a horror story about a Swedish count. Of course I had to read it. [ profile] inyadreems mentioned it could a bit ...let's say not accurate. So far James has introduced the actual Count Magnus de la Gardie. de la Gardie held positions as riksdrots, riksmarskalk, rikskansler....Drots means 'ruler' or one of the five high official posts in Sweden back in the day-he was next to the king really, riksmarsalk -Marshal of the Realm and Chancellor. He was - in other words- no lightweight. Oh! He was also a poet. He did not- as far as I know though- live at Råbäck estate. Råbäck does exist though, looks like a lovely place to visit.

Here there be a few comments )

All in all I'm happy with it, in spite of the historical horrors errors. Should I feel pain over it, I will think of the unspeakable things Marvel has done to Nordic mythology.
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I like(d) Anne Rice. I've read her vampire books from cover to cover umptheen times. So! When I sa a new one by her, I grabbed it.It's called the Wolf Gift.

Happily I settled down on the couch with it. I can tell you now, after finishing it, that it's one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever read. The plot is...well I guess it's there but very invisible. The characters are stilted, the pacing of the text is non existent. Rice has also managed a Mary Sue of the worst kind. And! She's even gotten some bestiality in there- sort of.

It's about a young man who gets bitten by a werewolf- fine so far. But- this kind of werewolf can't kill innocent people, only bad guys. A few pages in, the young man turns into a right hero- bouncing around in his werewolf shape rescuing people. Because- you see- he can smell evil.
One night he meets a young woman- she's not scared of him or any such. They end up having sex-with him in his wolf form. Very particular details of her licking his snout and playing with his fur ensues. I did not need that.

A group of older and wiser werewolves eventually show up. Together they set everything right and they can all live in some sort of werewolf collective.

In the midst here, Rice has tried for a secondary plot- our 'hero' manages to turn another young man and has to deal with the aftermath of that, responsibility and the lot. There is also the question if the woman can love him as a human as well as wolf. And! Should he turn her as well? Cue the older, sensible, immortal werewolf who really is a gentleman and very understanding to the rescue.

Is my review comprehensible? Barely. The book is not. It's boring, lacking in plot and characterization. 

I give the Wolf Gift  5 Don't read! out of 5 possible.

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I like H.P Lovecraft. I've had a go-to site for ages but it's dead now it seems. Anyhow; seek and thou shall find. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.
Very neat and proper. All the good stuff!


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