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Banner by ala_tariel, my incredibly creative friend.

This journal contains adult-rated material. If you disapprove of such things, do not read. This is also where I vent and whine and rant. Occasionally I write happy things too.
Consider yourself warned now.

Friending policy.
Friend away but do drop by and say Hi. I won't friend back unless I've had at least some interaction with the person. Friends are nice, don't get me wrong, but I like to have a small clue about who's on the other side and why I've been friended.

That over and done with. Who am I then? What is going on here?
I'm a happily married woman, I have two kids who to my astonishment are turning out just fine. I'm a licensed language teacher.
After too many years in the trenches, struggling to make ends meet, I now have life roped in and tamed. Life is good!
I have hobbies, yes indeed. Photography is the one I tell people in general about. Writing slash is the one I don't tell about.

Something completely different: I have an unhealthy obsession with men in leatherjackets carrying guns. Gets me every time.

Favourite quote: Management by fear!
Second favourite quote by Cartman: I'm not fat. I'm festively plump!
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