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A truck drowe down Drottninggatan in Stockholm, killing four people and hurting at least 15.

Drottninggatan is the biggest shopping street in Stockholm, it's always crowded, you can find all the big stores here. On this street, a man decided to drive the truck he had just stolen. At high speed, forcing those he didn't mow down to throw themselves all over the place to escape. Four people are dead now, one of them a child.

The police arrested the perpetatrator last night. He is charged with suspected terror attack. He is not Swedish. He is a muslim  fugitive from Uzbekistan who Sweden has taken in and helped. He chose to attack Swedish people, hoping to kill as many as possible with the stolen truck.

My husband heard the engine and the crash when the truck smashed into a building. He had walked past the exact spot a minute earlier.

My daughter rang from her school, they were not allowed to leave.

I couldn't reach my son at first. Can you imagine how it felt to not reach him, when I knew he was working in Stockholm and that he ususally works around Drottninggatan?

Yesterday was the longest and the worst afternoon in my life. My family stuck in Stockholm, no trains were running, no busses. Around 7 pm they let on the commuters again and I could finally get my family home. Son had to walk from Solna to Liljeholmen, that's 9 kilometers. Husband walked almost as far to get to a point where I could pick him up.

I'm not right in the head at the moment, I feel so much hate toward the perpetrator and people like him. Those who think they have the right to hurt and kill in the name of religion. They are the ones not deserving to live.

My family is safe. That is what matters. I will try to get over the hate, but it'll take time.
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Theme: Giving
Characters: Finch/ Reese
Location: Reese's place
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 725
Summary: Giving, and the art of recieving

Note: third in a series of themed drabbles for seasons 1 and 2, this one is however more of a ficlet.

Take it back, Harold. Take 'me' back.  )
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Theme: Rain
Characters: Reese/ Finch
Location: Library
Rating: G
Word count: 195

Clothes soaked through to his skin, Reese shook his head, trying to get the rain out off his eyes. The Library wasn't far, but the pouring rain and the hard wind made the walk more like crossing an ocean.

Bear yanked impatiently at the leash, he was just as eager to get indoors. They took the stairs up running, leaving rivulets of water on the steps, both wanting to get to the one waiting as fast as possible.

While Bear snored lightly in his basket, Reese felt more like purring. The chill from the rain seeped away with the dry clothes and Harold's fingers in his hair. Soft wool under his cheek and body heat bleeding through the fabric cocooned him in warmth.

It wasn't often he let himself be pampered like this- stretched out on the couch with his head in Harold's lap. Harold would never deny him, had never denied him. The soft hum and the light pat on the couch was the answer every time Reese felt bold enough to ask for it.

Reese closed his eyes, the fingers scratching through his hair followed the rhythm of the rain on the windows.
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Theme: Tension
Characters: Finch/Reese
Location: Library
Rating: R for innuendo
Word count: 116

"You're very tense, Harold."

Harold sighed and leaned into the hand gently rubbing his neck. "Yes, I believe I am. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy that?"

The chair creaked when Reese pulled it out and spun Harold around. Harold could never stop admiring Reese's gracefulness when he took to his knees. He wished for his bedroom where he could properly admire Reese, the way he crawled up the bed, agile and smooth. But this had to suffice for now.

Hands that could break bones gently stroked up Harold's thighs. Nimble fingers deftly unbuttoned his trousers and sneaked inside. Reese looked up, through half lidded eyes, " Yes, Harold, you know I do."

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May. 26th, 2015 09:39 pm
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Fabulous daughter and two of the girls from Knockout performed live with their dance class last Saturday. Do have a look, they are seriously taking names here.


Mar. 30th, 2015 05:50 pm
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Daughter and the crew made it to the finals!!

Can we say YAY?


Onwards, brave dancers, onwards. The sky's the limit!!

 photo 1_24_zpsfe604a98.jpg
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We got to borrow a proper locale the other weekend so the crew could do their latest dance cover. Here it is. I think they are progressing. They also got interviewed for a documentary on K-POP.
On Friday they're doing their third dance competition. I hope it goes as well as the last one.

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So, M.R James wrote a horror story about a Swedish count. Of course I had to read it. [ profile] inyadreems mentioned it could a bit ...let's say not accurate. So far James has introduced the actual Count Magnus de la Gardie. de la Gardie held positions as riksdrots, riksmarskalk, rikskansler....Drots means 'ruler' or one of the five high official posts in Sweden back in the day-he was next to the king really, riksmarsalk -Marshal of the Realm and Chancellor. He was - in other words- no lightweight. Oh! He was also a poet. He did not- as far as I know though- live at Råbäck estate. Råbäck does exist though, looks like a lovely place to visit.

Here there be a few comments )

All in all I'm happy with it, in spite of the historical horrors errors. Should I feel pain over it, I will think of the unspeakable things Marvel has done to Nordic mythology.
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So! You need K-POP? I know the place to go!

Claranuna's Into my World

You will find album reviews, text analysis, discussion, fanfic discussion, general squee, videos...You name it!

Spread the word!!!
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Today is Midsummer Eve, tomorrow Midsummer Day. It's an old Swedish/Nordic tradtion which stems back from the heathen days. The 'proper' midsummer happens on Summer Solstice- the longest day- which is tomorrow on Midsummer Day, but since 1953 it's been regulated to celebrte Midsummer on a Saturday between 20 to 26 of June. That is to make sure that everybody get a day off.

Anyhow- old tradition! From starters this was a fertility rite- duh!It's also a sun-worship rite. Archeologists have found rock carvings which are claimed to show this. The Vikings celerated Midsummer with a 'blot'- a ritual sacrifice. From what we've gathered about the Viking blot they were regular and normally contained sex- and blood rituals. The Vikings held blot at Midsummer, Winter Solstice, Spring - and Autumnal Equinox. Those were the big ones, then there were smaller ones spread thoughout the year. Lotsa blood!

Anyhow again; back in 4 C, the church highjacked Midsummer and named it Johannes Döparens dag- John the Bapstist Day. Ever since then, the church has been trying to stop the traditional, heathen Midsummer celebrations. In 1425, Archbishop Johannes in Lund actually banned the festivites and wanted the pople to go to church to honour Johannes Döparen instead. Didn't work.

I almost forgot! Of course there were witches in the mix as well. The first Christian celebrations held -of course again- bonfires to burn witches on. That stemmed from the sun worshiping bonfires from the Bronze Age. Today we don't light any bonfires anymore but we do have Midsummer Poles. We call them Majstång- May Pole. In this case 'maj' doesn't mean the month maj (May) but is the old word for 'lövad' -decorated with foliage. The pole is a cock in disguise- yep, fertility rite. People dance around it and sing songs about little frogs and Aunt Ingegerd's old clothes. I know, that makes no sense.

Food! Traditional Swedish food is served. Pickled herring, salmon- smoked and grav. New potatoes. Gubbröra- Old Man's Mix-which is anchovies, onions, egg, parsley, dill, chives all gooped together and served on dark rye bread. Strawberries. You can cram in a Janson's Temptation if you want. Sausgaes, meatballs. Basically the same things we eat during Christmas and Easter.Don't forget the snaps though. Midsummer comes with a lot of booze and drunken mishaps. During Midsummer more accidents happen than during the rest of the year. People are out in the woods or the archipelago- drink too much, get into fights, fall overboard...

Well! That was that about Midsummer. I wish you all a happy one!

 photo midsommar_2_zps449f2cc6.jpg
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On this day 1523, Gustav Vasa was made king of Sweden. He was the first king of all of Sweden, until then there had been several kings and kingdoms. Today we are celebrating the beauty and unity of my fantastic country.

 photo svenskaflaggan.jpg
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I like(d) Anne Rice. I've read her vampire books from cover to cover umptheen times. So! When I sa a new one by her, I grabbed it.It's called the Wolf Gift.

Happily I settled down on the couch with it. I can tell you now, after finishing it, that it's one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever read. The plot is...well I guess it's there but very invisible. The characters are stilted, the pacing of the text is non existent. Rice has also managed a Mary Sue of the worst kind. And! She's even gotten some bestiality in there- sort of.

It's about a young man who gets bitten by a werewolf- fine so far. But- this kind of werewolf can't kill innocent people, only bad guys. A few pages in, the young man turns into a right hero- bouncing around in his werewolf shape rescuing people. Because- you see- he can smell evil.
One night he meets a young woman- she's not scared of him or any such. They end up having sex-with him in his wolf form. Very particular details of her licking his snout and playing with his fur ensues. I did not need that.

A group of older and wiser werewolves eventually show up. Together they set everything right and they can all live in some sort of werewolf collective.

In the midst here, Rice has tried for a secondary plot- our 'hero' manages to turn another young man and has to deal with the aftermath of that, responsibility and the lot. There is also the question if the woman can love him as a human as well as wolf. And! Should he turn her as well? Cue the older, sensible, immortal werewolf who really is a gentleman and very understanding to the rescue.

Is my review comprehensible? Barely. The book is not. It's boring, lacking in plot and characterization. 

I give the Wolf Gift  5 Don't read! out of 5 possible.

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Note: This is another original short story with Mary Sue as the protagonist. She's not the standard Mary Sue, no fancy hair, clothes, no nothing. She does have problems though. With her husband, Billy Bob, with the dustbunnies and also -most likely- with her mental health. Mary Sue is stuck in a grey zone where things which shouldn't be moving are doing so, accompanied by the constant sense of terror Billy Bob has put her in. This really isn't a funny or happy story.
It's not betad, if (when) you find glaring bugs- please tell me so I can correct them. Feel free to rip it apart- feedback is appreciated.

She had heard the first weird little noise one early morning. )
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Title: The proper place
Author: Vesta
Pairing: Finch/Reese
Rating: R/NC-17
Category: PWP, First time (almost)
Warnings: None
Feedback: Yes please, if you would be so kind.
Disclaimers: These characters do not belong to me,

Summary: He leaned back in the chair and put his feet up on the desk. Harold never did that, he always sat primly or hunched over, asleep on the keyboard. There was something definitely naughty about sitting with his feet on Harold's desk.

Author's note: This is the first fic I've posted in years. This makes me nervous. It's also my first PoI fic, which also makes me nervous.

It was just a chair. A plain,ordinary desk chair. An empty chair... )
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Title: The Midnight Man
Author: RollingBuffalo
Category: Horror, Halloween
Rating: PG-13 (just to be sure)
Warnings: none
Feedback: Yes, please
Note: Posted on behalf of RollingBuffalo, the accountless one. Betaread by Biggelois. The rules of the game itself were found on


The Midnight Man )
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Right then!  Son and I have begun the rewatch. [personal profile] further is with us, I hope. So far we've been through season one. So, what's the word?

Spoilers like whoa below!

Son says that the characters are getting their powers depending on their personality. I think he's right.

Alicia wants to be seen, wants to be wanted; whenever someone touches her they get crazy with lust.

Simon -poor sod- also also wants to be seen. He feels invisible, no one has ever noticed him. His power is to turn invisible. He can se them but they can't see him. And what he sees, he can use agaisnt them. Good? Bad? Depends on from where you're watching.

Curtis's situation is pure Sofokles. He tries to change destiny but what happens? Complete and utter fail. No matter what he does, it always ends up the same or worse.

Kelly wants to know what people actually think about her, and thus she gained the power to read other people's minds. Does that gain her any favours? Yes and no. She gets to know what peole think about her but more often than not the truth hurts. She does have a killer headbutt though.

Nathan thinks he is God's gift to mankind and feels immortal. Due to this, he becomes immortal when the storm hit, although he doesn't find out until he actually dies and wakes up in a coffin. I miss Nathan. The  series sort of died when he left.

The message of this tale? Well it could be that whatever you do, whatever you try, you'll always end up where you began. Sofokles, right! You cannot escape destiny. Aside from that; it's an awesome tale. It's brutal and raw, in a way that no HW-show has it.  Think Sofokles! Destiny! Fate!!

Simon and the probation-worker; it's such a sad tale of loneliness. Simon wants to have 'someone' and he thinks he's gotten someone. When it turns out aht he's been used, the ugly truth that Simon is s right psychopath shows. Why is he having tea with his dead p-worker, with her propped up in the freezer? Right!

There is much to analyse here, son and I have only scratched the surface. As Kelly says; Come on you wankers!!  Let's have it!!!

Son says FML!!!!! He can't stand my misspellings :) He's also gotten all ethymological on me. The word community; it's derived from common and unity he claims. The thought is very much logic, we haven't checked it, but if you do; please let us know if he's right.
He has also cracked the mystery of why people spell like to god-forbid on the net. It's because they lack rhythm and pacing in the key-pressing or that they have malshaped/misformed keyboards.

As it is; I'll say FML as well. We're getting on to season two tomorow. Discussions are encouraged and looked forward to.

Nighty night, everybody.

Save me, Barry!

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Our National Anthem 'Sång till Norden'

Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord
Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna!
Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord,
/: Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.:/

Du tronar på minnen från fornstora dar,
då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden.
Jag vet att Du är och Du blir vad Du var.
/:Ja, jag vill leva, jag vill dö i Norden.:/

 photo svenskaflaggan.jpg

Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous North
Thou quiet, thou joyful [and] fair!
I greet thee, most beautiful land upon earth,
/:Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy meadows green.:/
Thou art enthroned upon memories of great olden days,
When honored thy name flew across the earth,
I know that thou art and wilt remain what thou wast,
/:Yes, I want to live I want to die in the North:/

F-list cut

Mar. 14th, 2013 06:00 am
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I removed some people from my F-list last night. Mainly people I haven't spoken with in ages or like ever. If you feel I removed you wrongly, drop me a pm. (I do get confused sometimes)


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