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I wish I had never met you.

I wish I had never seen the laughter in your eyes. Never seen the twist of your mouth. Never seen the stains on your hands. Never seen the cold shimmer of your blade.

Twist and flick, you said. The droplets flew like birds, wings fluttering in the still air.

I wish you'd never taught me. Never made my senses tingle with lust. Never let me in.

I wish I had left before I knew how. I wish I'd never tried it. I wish I had never done it right on you.

I wish I find someone else, just like you.
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The Devil is in the Details. III

I choose the music carefully, it has to be just right.

Lento- gentle, slow. He barely feels the first touch. The droplet shimmers like a ruby.

Andante – faster. Thin lines spreading over his chest. The pattern on his arms looks like henna tattoos. Mystical, a code for the initiated. For me

Allegro con fuoco- The sun treats him like a priceless jewel, makes me breathless with his beauty. He sings like an angel. For me.

Tempo primo- I have never loved like this. I tilt his head towards the light. The last spark in his eyes catches fire, emerald fire.
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The Devil is in the Details. II

The day is beautiful. The sun shimmers through my windows, caresses his skin with golden dust. His eyes, I could write sonnets about them. Fiery green, sparkling with anger. With fear. But he's not crying.

I pull the drapes wider, drown him in light. The perfect light for my perfect canvas. For a moment I think of letting him speak, but I'm afraid that will ruin my mood. Make my hands shake. I cannot allow that. I need to be careful. So, not yet.

The sun reflects like a brilliant star in the polished metal. Soon, he'll sing for me.
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The Devil is in the Details.I

If you play it right, he'll sing with the voice of an angel. I like Beethoven, he inspires me, I always try to create the same beautiful sounds he did. You have to be careful. Look where you cut.

I watch him, he's new to me. My Terra Incognita. My Tabula Rasa. There for me to create on. A canvas to be filled with the most astounding sounds and colours.

He will be so exquisite when I'm done. My fingers itch as I watch him. Perfectly sculpted already, just needing that last touch of the master's hand to become perfection.
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I think I have to get a specific tag for these. My Psycho!Self wants out again. She tends to show up when I am somewhat annoyed.

The Twisting Motion.

It's the twisting motion. I finally got it right. Believe me, I've tried and failed. Quick, stabbing motion; out in a blink. The fish-gutting technique; begin at the pelvis and slice upwards. That made a mess, I tell you. All over the floor. Totally overrated.

But the twisting motion; you go in around the navel, up an inch, and then twist. Don't go too deep at first, it gets hard to twist. When you have twisted though, then you can drive it in to the hilt. And the best is, even if they get to a hospital, they'll die anyway!


Dec. 19th, 2010 07:05 pm
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I'm recycling. One of these are on here somewhere, but now I've made two more. One that fits before and one that fits after. I've been keeping my Psycho!Self strictly reined in for too long now. I had to let her out for a bit. That sounds reassuring, doesn't it?

Three drabbles, each 100 word sharp. Orignial texts. If I succeeded, you will find them creepy.

The theme is about planning and learning from your mistakes.

Keyword; practice. The one I picked was suitable; cocky, sure of himself. Not so sure anymore when he fell down the stairs, when his leg snapped.
He was awake though. I had to stuff a rag in his mouth to shut him up. Tape his hands together when he tried to swing at me. Stupid. He didn't understand. Not even when I cut his tongue out did he quiet. Kept yelling, blood dripping from his chin.
It was over too quickly. Could be the hammer I took to his head to finally shut him up. Lesson learned; don't get annoyed.

I waited, planned. I checked my list, it's important to be thorough, made sure I had everything. Until finally…Carpe Diem. I did. Unsuspecting bastard. He thought he was God, but he was wrong. I am. I rule over life and death. I made sure he noticed every little thing I did.
The one I practiced on didn't last this long. Sturdy bastard, this one. He called me names and tried to spit in my face. The last efforts of the mouse about to die. I just smiled at him. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. He is not screaming anymore.

Messy! Bone is harder than you would think. My handsaw got dull. He kept making noises when I began with his broken leg, I thought it would be easier. Wasn't. He kept writhing around. Do you know how hard it is to drive nails into concrete? I had to get the nail gun to be able to keep him still. His hands, arms, feet.
Note to self; tarp on the floor, makes clean up easier. Knock out before sawing. It's a pest to get the nails out off the floor. Sharper scalpels, it lasts longer when the cuts are neater.


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