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You want one? Or maybe a Raging Bitch? Or a Trashy Blonde? Why not try it Doggie Style?

Beer. That's what this is about. American breweries such as Three Floyds, Flying Dog and the Scottish brewery Brewdog have all released beers with these titles. I am not happy about it. At first I didn't react but when I heard the 'I'm gonna get me a Trashy Blonde, huhuhu', it gave me this uncomfortable twinge and something clicked.

Sure, claim the names and defuse them. But this is not name-claiming, this is approving of misogyni. Flying Dog promotes their beverage Raging Bitch as such: "...and once you let a Bitch out of its cage, there's no controlling it."
Brewdog is no better. Trashy Blonde: "This trashy blonde is going to get you into a lot of trouble." What?
I may be oversensitive, but I really don't approve of this.

I'm sure these are fine, upstanding firms all of them. What I don't understand, or approve of, is the sexual slurs and the names. These make is very obvious which audience the firms are aiming for. Since I got both picky and irritated over  this, I trawled through their websites. I'm not sure what to think about them. Why do you spoil a perfectly fine description of a beer by ending it like Brewdog does? Is this the only way to get it sold?

After the last few years of growing  beer hype I would have thought that beer was something that 'both' men and women could enjoy. I'm not so certain about that after seeing this. I for one will not buy a beverage called Raging Bitch. Yes, I know, a bitch is originally a female dog. That doesn't matter concidering the way and in which contexts it is used these days. Again, I may be oversensitive. But I can't help but read 'woman' instead of bitch here. The concept of trashy blondes holds a lot of silent facts. Blondes have more fun (Ha!) Blondes are easy. (Haha!) Blondes are stupid. (Ha! again) Are any of these true? I shouldn't think so.

This is not ok on any level. This is objectifying women. Women  are reduced to nothing but a side dish on par with the bowl of pretzels. 


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